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A Brush with Love

Book 1 Seattle Summer Duet

Emerson Barnes has been in love with Benjamin Dare for as long as she can remember. When she was seven, he helped her up after she fell off her bike riding through their neighborhood. He's been her knight in shining armor ever since. And now she needs him again.

A celebrity artist has expressed his desire to do a showing in Seattle and her boss has tasked her with getting him to sign with them instead of the rival gallery down the street.

Since Ben knows the celebrity personally, Emerson hopes she can use that connection to get him to sign with her gallery. But Ben wants something in return.

Ben has one last painting to do in his series and he has the perfect muse in mind. The only thing? He can't just paint his little sister's best friend. In the nude. In a garden. So, he makes a deal with her. Let him paint her and he will convince his friend to sign with her gallery. 

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