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Falling for My Assistant

A Contemporary Fake Dating Romance Novella

Sean Stephens is finally invited to his boss’s famous New Year’s Eve party, but there is only one problem: he doesn’t have a date. The party is pairs only, and if he doesn’t come up with someone to go with, he can kiss his best chance at rubbing elbows with the big bosses goodbye.

Enter his assistant, Erin Smith. She has been with him for two years and knows everything about him. She would be a perfect stand-in if only he can convince her to go with him.

Erin is surprised by the invitation, but figures that it would be better than her usual pathetic New Year’s Eve plans so she accepts.

With the help of a fashion designer friend and a fabulous gown, Erin gets dolled up and out of her comfort zone to hob-knob among the bosses.

Surprised to see a fiery, sexy woman underneath her oversized cardigans, Sean realizes that he might just be falling for his assistant.

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