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Falling for My Assistant

A Contemporary Fake Dating Romance Novella

New Year’s Eve
One Fake Date
What could go wrong?

Sean Stephens needs a date and fast. He’s finally been invited to the CEO’s company party and wants to make a good impression. The only problem? He’s currently single. And it’s pairs only. Convincing his secretary to be his fake date for the night is the only logical choice, right?

Erin Smith is sure her boss is crazy. Pretend to be dating so he can go to a boring New Year’s Eve party at an overpriced penthouse where they’ll be nothing but business talk the whole night? No thanks. She’d rather sit at home in comfy sweats with her favorite wine and ice cream to watch the ball drop. But saying no to her boss (who she might have a crush on and looks really good in a tuxedo) is easier said than done.

Cinderella dressed up for a night, and it changed her life. Maybe it could do the same for Erin’s? 

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